Boats & Bones Raises Over $20,000 for Scholarship Program

Overall Grand Champion- Shake ‘n Bake



by Tim Church



KIMBERLING CITY, Mo. – Over 20-thousand-dollars is raised during the 4th Annual Boats and Bones BBQ Championship on Saturday, September 16th, in Kimberling City.

The money raised during this annual event benefits the White River Valley Scholarship Trust Program, which helps area youth in pursuit of higher education.

During the event, BBQ competitors traveled from all across the county for their chance at the coveted title of Grand Champion. Alongside the competition, the event included live music, cooking demonstrations, a kid’s BBQ competition and activities, and a people’s choice tasting event.

The payouts for the BBQ competition totaled over 20-thousand-dollars as well, with 47 teams battling from Kansas City’s Barbeque Society’s completion circuit. The Steak Cook-off Association presented their Steak Cook-off event, which was a new element for this year’s competition and featured 41 cooks.


The KCBS winners:



Grand Champion – Shake ‘n Bake

Reserve Champion – Dirt Road BBQ

3rd Grand – Brewmasters

4th Grand – Rooters and Recruiters

5th Grand –Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ

6th Grand- Grinder BBQ

7th Grand- Thump & Strum BBQ

8th Grand- Clark Crew BBQ

9th Grand- Hunk Hunka Burnin’ Rub

10th Grand- The Smoking Hills



1st – Rooters and Recruiters

2nd – Shake ‘n Bake

3rd – B-Boy’z BBQ

4th – Grinders BBQ

5th – Dirt Road BBQ

6th – Eli’s Pit Crew

7th – Outlaw Hawgs BBQ

8th – Wright on Que

9th – Brewmasters

10th – Thump & Strum BBQ

11th – Hunk Hunka Burnin’ Rub

12th – Fistful of Meat

13th – Uncle Bubs BBQ

14th – Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ

15th – Up Sauce Creek



1st –Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Rub

2nd – Shake ‘n Bake

3rd – Clark Crew BBQ

4th – Rooters and Recruiters

5th – Brewmasters

6th – Dirt Road BBQ

7th – Smooth Smoke

8th – Eli’s Pit Crew

9th – Brickhead BBQ

10th – The Smoking Hills

11th – Thump & Strum BBQ

12th – Man Meat BBQ

13th – Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ

14th – Z-Que

15th – Mokan Meatheads



1st – Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ

2nd – Brewmasters

3rd – Outlaw Haws BBQ

4th – Smokey Bear’s BBQ

5th – Rooters and Recruiters

6th – Clear Crew BBQ

7th – Thump & Strum BBQ

8th – Dirt Road BBQ

9th – Grinders BBQ

10th – Countryside BBQ

11th – Smokin in the Ozarks

12th – Wood Hook BBQ

13th – Hogzilla

14th – The Smoking Hills

15th – Shake ‘n Bake



1st – Shake ‘n Bake

2nd – Dirt Road BBQ

3rd – Countryside BBQ

4th – Grinders BBQ

5th – Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ

6th –Brickhead BBQ

7th – Lakerat BBQ

8th – The Smoking Hills

9th – Tailgate Guys Radio

10th – Pork Pullers

11th – Uncle Bubs BBQ

12th – Fergolicious BBQ

13th – Brewmasters

14th – Thump & Strum BBQ

15th – Rooters and Recruiters


The People’s Choice winners:


1st – Shake ‘n Bake

2nd – Uncle Bub’s BBQ

3rd – Gettin’ Basted

4th – County Road

5th – Oink-A-Doodle-Moo



The Burger Brawl winners:


1st – Getting’ Basted

2nd – Country Road 448                

3rd – Roo –B-Que


The Steak Competition:


1st – Dan Ewer

2nd – Travis Clark

3rd – Emily Williams

4th – Robert Kinder

5th – Nathan Grodeon

6th – Dan Judd

7th – Darren Warth

8th – Bob West

9th– Scott Lindley

10th – Smiley Mondragon

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