Branson High School Student Killed in Two Vehicle Crash


by Tim Church


BRANSON, Mo. – A teenager from Branson is killed in a two-vehicle crash Tuesday morning, near the entrance to the Sight and Sound Theatre on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway in Branson.

Branson Fire Chief Ted Martin reports upon arrival to the scene of the crash, emergency responders discovered two cars involved in what appeared to be a T-bone type accident. Firefighters immediately began life-saving efforts on a teenager found unresponsive in a passenger vehicle.

Taney County Coroner Kevin Tweedy identified the teenager as 17-year-old Wyatt Keith Snider, a senior at Branson High School. The driver of the second vehicle was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Shepherd of the Hills Expressway was closed down for approximately four hours for emergency crews to safely work the accident and for the accident investigation officers to re-construct the incident, according to a press release.

As of report time, the cause of the crash was not released.


  1. Laurie Lohbeck

    Please pray for BHS. The students are very upset. It has been a rough day there. Senior year is suppose to be special. Fly high Wyatt.

  2. Sonja Myers

    Prayers for the entire family, as well as his classmates. What a horrible tragedy for such a wonderful young man of God with a bright future ahead of him.

  3. Shaleigh Corbett

    We are all gonna miss Wyatt,but it will be ok we can make it through. Just please pray for his family their going through a lot. FLY HIGH Wyatt we love you REST SAFE.

    1. Gayle Herron

      Bethany right now it feels like its never going to be okay, and that is how it should feel. You have lost someone who made his impact on the lives of others and the school he belonged. But I can promise you, over time – maybe a lot of time, it will get better. It may never be ‘okay’ and I don’t think it can be, but it can be better and those who knew and loved Wyatt can begin the celebrate his amazing if not too short life.

      I hope that everyone will reach out to his parents and remember as the seniors go about the activities of their graduating year, his parents are going to feel even more pain with each event their precious son now will miss. I hope someone thinks to invite them to some of these activities, even if they can’t face going – to hear that they are wanted to come and be part of what Wyatt would have may make some of their devastation a little less painful during these celebrations.

      My prayers and hopes are with each of you who knew Wyatt, many HHS students did as well and are equally traumatized by it, and I just can offer nothing more than to promise you – it will get better Bethany, it will…. but love and compassion seems to require a degree of sadness and pain for a loss so big as Wyatt’s passing.


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