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Williams Running for Western Commissioner

By: Sally Kaucher
Posted: Monday, March 19, 2012

Another candidate is on the August primary ballot for Western Taney County Commissioner. 

 Brandon Williams filed late last week to seek the office currently held by Jim Strafuss, who will run for State Senate.  Also seeking the Western district seat on the commission are Gary Leach and Rod Glaze. 

 Last week, Tim Connell announced he’ll be among the candidates for Eastern Commissioner.  Incumbent Danny Strahan will seek re-election.  Other candidates are Charles Stiffler and Travys Saffle.  

Taney County Resident - 03/19/2012 10:44:20 AM
Voting for Mr. Williams. Every time I walk into his store (Turkey Creek) he remembers my name.
Well thats great - 03/19/2012 12:59:58 PM
I too am seeking a candidate that one of their strong points is remembering my name! Very important criteria.
taney county resident also - 03/19/2012 1:03:58 PM
not woting for mr. williams. was not accomodating when i went to his store to make a purchase. Evidently he is not aware that a customer is a customer and if you do not have the exact item they want you should be willing to substitute to accomodate them.
.. - 03/19/2012 1:28:10 PM
I've been there twice and could not even get a hi. Would not go back.
muleskinner - 03/19/2012 2:27:08 PM
That is right. he is a fine and honest man just like his dad,Judge Williams.He is just what the county needs.
hillbilly - 03/19/2012 4:55:43 PM
Kinda easy to remember his name what with his Father being the judge
too much NEPOTISM in taney county going on - 03/19/2012 6:50:21 PM
it ain't right for too many kinfolks drawing taxpayer wages. yet it goes on all the trime. look at the strayhand brothers. he will never git elected. brandon is not even dry behind the ears yet. he indulges in too many paint gun and bow and arrow battles to be a qualified commissioner. this is why we voted ron herschend out. I hear now ron is trying to git elected to git JOHN WILLETTS old treasurer job. John Willett died in the wolrd trade center murders-9-11.they prolly won't print this one cause it is my truthful opinion. we all got opinions.
Confused - 03/20/2012 5:36:37 PM
Maybe I don't remember the rules of running for particular offices, but last time I checked you need to live in the district you are asking voters to allow you to represent. But, best of luck!