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Adam Wayne Kelley

I'm heartbroken to post that the best man I know, & the one I love the most, Adam Wayne Kelley, has passed on in the wee hours of May 8, 2020, after a brave, valiant fight with cancer. Adam was born in Aurora, Missouri, on November 15, 1969, to father Pete Kelley and mother Julia Snyder (Swain).

Adam Kelley

Adam strived to live his life with integrity & consideration of others. He believed if everyone lived by the Golden Rule, this world would be a better place. He was passionate about anything that he set his mind to do. Adam is the *real McCoy* MacGyver. His unconventional problem-solving skills were an innate part of his personality. He analyzed and dissected situations, everything really, and found a way to make it work without using the traditional means or wasting resources.

Adam was an inventor & entrepreneur. He thrived on coming up with solutions & ideas that would improve life for others. These improvements’ intended results were often environmentally oriented; focused on saving others money; improving functionality; or just making others smile.

He could take a piece of plastic scrap and fix an appliance or build a solar shower or make a teensy spatula to feed an animal that was ill. He was known to take apart appliances, clean them, & methodically fix what was broken.

Another example was building his sailboat the "Lunar Eclipse" out of the trash he found on the Gulf Coast because he couldn't stand seeing all the trash lining the beaches. The Lunar Eclipse was built from assorted plastic bottles & jugs, strapped together, with discarded bicycle parts for a rudder and trailer, & a tarp for a sail -& sometimes tent. It carried him & Eileen from island to island, to explore the Padre Island area. He later built two more boats from PVC that he called "Pond Skimmers" that he floated on Beaver Lake.

Adam's applications were also practical, such as finding an alternative way to provide water via gravity flow to their Eureka Spring homestead. He built a bedroom for his wife that was part treehouse because she loved trees; the room gently swayed with the movement of the trees in the wind while staying intact. He fixed countless appliances & issues for others for free, simply through his distinct ingenuity & integrity. He was invited to be a consultant in a think tank for a Whirlpool appliance that was in production. He was paid by Fact or Faked, the TV show to collect multiple types of insects for a show after the Joplin tornado. Adam more than delivered and he had the executives impressed. Adam was passionate about his wind-powered bubble machines that he began to make 23 years ago because "people shouldn't have to pay $300 for bubbles.” He redesigned them almost yearly, painstakingly handmade them, sold them across the US & internationally, and dreamed of applications to use them to fight wildfires. Adam found ways to use what he had on hand to make things work. He applied this mode of thought to every aspect of his life. Can't wasn't a part of his vocabulary.

Adam loved to write and sing his own songs; sculpt; grow & hunt edible mushrooms; educate himself; help others; and to be creative. He was a fierce protector of any *underdog*. A warrior, with a positivity habit. He was a Martial Artist and an effen' great dancer. He loved to laugh and his wit shined often. He would rather help others for free than receive any gain for himself.

He loved Eureka Springs, his adopted hometown, where he lived for 18 + years before moving to Springfield to help family. He loved his family & friends. He loved his wife unconditionally for 25 years and actively proved that love daily. He loved to make her happy. HE IS UNREPEATABLE with a magic that is truly all his own.

Adam was preceded in death by his uncle Kevin Kelley; his maternal grandparents Art & Laverna Swain; his paternal grandparents Pete & Betty Kelley; & his sweet dog Pita who passed 5 days after he did. Adam leaves behind his wife Eileen Kelley; his mother Julia Snyder; his father & stepmother Pete & Brenda Kelley; his brothers & their wives Ryan & Sarah Kelley and Alex & Jalaena Kelley; his nephews & niece (Eli, Zach, & Adeline -plus 3 more on the way); countless uncles, aunts, cousins from the Swain, Kelley, & Strope families; countless friends who were also family to him.

Memorial donations are suggested to the Good Shepherd Humane Society of Eureka Springs and be kind to one another. Arrangements and cremation are under the direction of Cremations of the Ozarks. To leave an online condolence, please visit www.cremationsoftheozarks.com.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The "Golden Rule" of Leviticus 19:18 was quoted by Jesus of Nazareth (Matthew 7:12; see also Luke 6:31).

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